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Who is TGL Marketing, Inc.?

Our goal is to provide you with high quality translating and interpreting services in support of your sales and marketing activities in the global market.

Whether you are just beginning to explore your company's international market potential or if your company is already established in foreign markets, you need to communicate effectively with your foreign customers or clients.

Why limit your opportunities to English speaking business clients and trade prospects? Consider for example the vast potential of a multi-lingual website - aside from your other marketing activities the Internet alone holds unparalleled opportunities to convey your company's message worldwide.

Don't let your company be misunderstood!

For example General Motors had a frustrating situation when they marketed their Chevy Nova in South America. Sales remained sluggish in spite of their marketing campaigns. Imagine their dismay when they discovered that "nova" translates into Spanish as "doesn't go".

Or consider another case scenario by Pepsi soft drink company, when their slogan "Come alive with Pepsi" was released in China, the Chinese people understood the slogan as "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead."

In getting the word about your company across, you must consider that even in highly developed countries, where a second language such as English is part of the mainstream education system, the general understanding of the second language can still be exceedingly limited. Therefore communicating your marketing messages and product information in the "home language" of the countries you are targeting can very well make the difference between success and failure of your overseas business activities.

We bring to the table a network of skilled associates and language specialists that are educated native speakers of their respective language. Our translators have the knowledge, background and industry experience to transform your documents into successful communication with foreign markets.


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