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How do we work?

Translation Services

All information concerning our clients is treated with utmost confidentiality.

When we receive your documents by e-mail, fax, courier or standard postal delivery we will determine the fee and delivery time and quote it back to you by fax or e-mail.

Depending on the scope of the assignment, we may need to contact the representative at your company who is in charge of the project to discuss any additional details prior to submitting a quotation.

For highly specialized translations we develop a glossary of specific terminology in addition to standard reference materials, to assure the highest consistency and quality.

We maintain accurate records of all the translating work we do. This gives you the advantage of translations at a reduced rate if the original can simply be revised.

During the translating process each document is carefully reviewed in its terminology and accuracy of content with several steps of editing and proofing before the final word-processed or typeset version is given to the client.

Translations will be billed based on the word count of the translation. Copy writing, editing, interpreting and narrating services will be billed at an hourly rate. Please contact us for a proposal.

Types of documents we translate for international clients:

Advertisements, agreements, articles from magazines or newspapers

Books, booklets, brochures, business cards

Catalogs, contracts and correspondence

Financial statements

Industry standards and specifications

Immigration documents

Internet websites


Operating and instruction manuals

Parts price lists, patents, press releases, proposals





Copy Writing and Editing Services

Copy writing for advertising in multiple languages is a more involved process and requires additional time and resources compared to standard translations. In copy writing, great care must be taken to assure that special phrases, slogans, idioms and slang expressions are conveyed appropriately into the target language.

A simple translation may completely lose the concept or intention of the original copy writing. For example, expressions that may be humorous in one language, if simply translated, may be offensive or make no sense at all in the language of another country.

Interpreting Services

Interpreters are available for on site verbal translations. When inquiring about interpreting services it is important that you provide us with information about the language (and dialect where applicable) and the subject matter to be interpreted. This will assure that we provide you with the most qualified individual to get the job done.

Examples of interpreting assignments:

    Company meetings with foreign clients

    Company training seminars for foreign customers

    International conference calls

    Court translators

    Medical appointments

    Social services

Narrations and Voice-overs

Only professional and talented native speakers are used for narrations and voice-over recordings in video, CD production or commercials.


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